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HEY STRANGER she dives her submarine downtown and docks it at the door of the Buddha Lounge a little over-dressed for noise and smoke cocktails, politics and dirty jokes who's she? "you know me," she said five or six of us just scratch our heads strangers in here can be dangerous the crazy thing is...i know she knows us she makes a table for one feel crowded hey stranger, hey stranger i hear a 100 opinions strictly local talent, no a pro we can spot a fake a mile away she could be my muse, you never know shut up, your logic's all rusted can't you hear the jazz time in her talk? nobody ever hears the catch if everybody's eager to be caught why don't ya just dive back in your drinks? didn't swimming in the dark teach you anything? hey stranger, hey stranger that woman's every loser's pearl she's every blind boy's seeing-eye girl our lady of the down and outs anyway, the buddha's now in doubt ice rattles in a drink, someone coughs local anesthetic wearing off? "i'm yours," she said. i said "no you're not." "i'll stick with the maybe i maybe got" "you're too late. i don't need you now" "you're just someone i once dreamed about" she said "whatcha got if you don't have me?" i said "Buddha always dug a mystery." but tell me who chipped out this trail? it's either run around in circles and chase your tail or sleep with this dragon on a bed of nails. hey stranger, hey stranger hey stranger, hey stranger
THE BOTTOM OF A WORKINGMAN'S BEER V1 well, i know who's president but i don't know anyone who voted for him can't empty this glass it keeps filling up with all of my problems video street fight constant "boing bing" in the background and there's a jar of purple eggs on the bar oh, i begs to be so embalmed c'mon Oracle...answer my questions read the bubbles, which way is heaven? from the bottom of a working man's beer? V2 the city of industry sneered down its stacks at my muscles like i was something to sweat, just a truck, just a can for commercials i told em, i told em, you can't run this thing on just dazzle... it sank like a tank in the mud it was a comedy special c'mon...join the expedition see the ruins of a lost civilization... at the bottom of a working man's beer c'mon...join the migration we're going south, everybody's sinking... to the bottom of a working man's beer MIDDLE-8 and it's cold and dark down here... where your butt's in a sling, your nuts are in a vice and those "pull yourself up" bootstraps are dungeon tight how do you tell your kid that his old man's been jerked around by an Invisible Hand? the guys in the ties say "sir, we're doing all we can" but tell me, Mr. Oracle, can i pay ya with food stamps? V3 i know who's president it really matters? he ain't wearing this belt... the one that keeps gettin' tighter and tighter i was weaned on the dream that the fat of the land had no limit lap's gotten fat but nothing good's gonna drop in it... c'mon...join the inquisition buried alive... buried alive... buried alive at the Cafe Masoleum! it's me! it's me! at the bottom of a working man's beer. yeah...i know who's bet.
Cheap Mechanics Legnini, Gold Not gonna sit down and discuss this. Don't have a three-martini lunch to buck me up, no.... Hit & run. I killed a hundred year old man, a hero, one dead and still counting. I don't have the time or heart to trade digs with you.... A quick hit. Every day every night it's a jungle feast No handicapped, no refugees, the death toll increased. The visit’s off, he was run over by the cops. Look I’m serious, you always thought I'm joking.... The fix is in, And it's hotter than Calcutta, gotta go. Fights for his life but he always delivered in the clutch. He was fast, quick and easy, it was easy Take a hike. Every day every night… It's like a hurricane, but I'm on ice now.... The Feds are grilling everybody and his mother. The smallest fire brings chaos to it's feet Brave Dolly waits the surgery decision. No movie's gonna be made about me. I come too fast, I come too good, I come too cheap. Yours truly's never gonna hit Miami, what a shame. Every day every night…
Idle Viewings We don’t go for the anisette We don’t go because we’re Expected to, no, no, no We don’t go because we’re Happy hypocrites… Don’t want to superimpose our strange lives On this Dialogue with Shadows “But if they don’t mean it And our spies find out…” Then we’ll just trickle in smoothly Whispered questions, answers Neighbors shrug their shoulders, Orange water… To anyone who cries too loud But we keep working in shifts & No one knows our names some of us Cry and quake “They start to shake… “Can’t let them steal our wake…” And then we’re off… It wasn’t even my Daddy… BUT If it was him I’d expect you to be sitting by his side It wasn’t even my Mamma… BUT If it was her I’d expect you to be sitting by her side It wasn’t even my Uncle… BUT If it was him I’d expect you to be sitting by his side It wasn’t even a PHONE CALL… BUT If it was it I’d expect you to be sitting by it’s side
le french movie INTRO we rendez-vous at our favorite Scottish restaurant a/k/a Mc Sewer can’t take my eyes off your chest you, my Milwaukee tumor 40 years ago, i wonder, hon... were we really that much cooler? that much cooler? i remember you screaming at the rally “bring the fascists to their knees” your educated tongue sank my L.S.A.T.’s back then we upped the revolution each time we dropped our jeans like in a "le french movie" each time we dropped our jeans INSTRUMENTAL PART/RE-INTRO (DOUBLE TIME?!) i wanted a job once...they asked me, son what can you do well? i said i’m a really excellent smoker and as a tourist, non-pareil i am skilled/schooled at power loafing and i have a pleasant smell i have a pleasant smell me?...well...i’m still chasing magic missing every shot at wealth heard you’re sticking needles into people in the name of hippie health how come every plot invention ends up parodying itself? parodying itself? like in a "le french movie" STAY IN G when i was voted the worst joint roller in my dorm back in ‘68 you rescued me with absinthe, Jarry & Carné the whole world was watching (us) now, we’re parsley on a plate like parsley on a plate like in a "le french movie" INSTRUMENTAL PART JAM IN F# RE-INTRO (original tempo) FIGURE = end
Larry’s In the Cut Out Bin I need a complete modern method for trumpet and coronet Some supplementary studies High tones for trumpet and trombone No more screaming guitars with Monster amplification. The secret of technique preservation… This is weird, I need a vacation- Some easy duets… This causes gas. Pain in the ass. If you ride the chairlift you drive as if my life depended on it But that’s got nothing to do with it! I don’t know what I’m saying! I need something else… I look at my anatomy, I say “What can I do? This is getting sick” Some Lip Flexability. Have trumpet will transpose Driving with no license, asking questions, I’m so dry I can’t even spit Some accident insurance I can’t imagine what kind of occurrence, Could happen to me. I could understand everything twice as much as I can now But I can’t see how, I don’t know… How I think these things.
PHYSICS v3.0 VERSE shoulda fit in just shoulda tried shoulda backed down just shoulda lied shoulda turned my back on everything I knew was right CHORUS but reality’s never applied to me... never did, and never will reality’s never applied to me... never did, never will never did, never will VERSE shoulda played safe just shoulda known [shoulda shut up]? [shoulda gone home]? really should’ve left well enough alone CHORUS never did, never will x 2 GUITAR CLIMB X 2 SLOW ARPEGGIO CLIMB really should choose shoulda been scared really should go really should care shoulda been here when I was over there CHORUS never did, never will x 2 FAST ARPEGGIO CLIMB shoulda faced facts shoulda had doubts should be ashamed shoulda sold out really shoulda learned what the hell it’s all about CHORUS never did, never will x 3 GUITAR CLIMB X 2 MIDDLE 8 now, it doesn’t take a genius to see just how things are but it takes a lot of sweat, to forget everything you’ve learned so far... SOLOS STOPS/MODULATION CHORUS never did, never will X ∞
RED DRINKS! RED DRINKS! “RED DRINKS, RED DRINKS” (mumble riff!) I see ya sitting on a stool with your brown drink floatin’ on your wit so ya don’t sink try’nta drown any thoughts that dare think your life stinks, life stinks... all the stuff that was set up just right fizzled out like a ten-cent nitelite you were groomed to be a star, not a satellite whudda bite, a bite so ironic... “RED DRINKS, RED DRINKS” (mumble riff!) fill ‘er up for a good disaster bob along on yer bulging bladder gonna make a big splash when ya splatter you splat, you splatter... ya say ya wanna be the king of this play pen? ya say ya wanna be the queen of the s/he-men? or are ya gonna be the means to the end of the end, the end... of yer tether? through a crack in the background chatter the sound track of the bistro culture a ton of guilt just hangs like a vulture eyeing yer bones everybody on the right’s gotta red glass everybody on the left’s gotta red glass everything’s closin’ in too fast leave me alone! leave me alone! (ugly-ass boid...!) if yer gonna stay stuck in that bottle? the only way ya gonna spin’s with a swizzle you’re gonna get sick when it wiggles ain’t no pill, no pill... are ya gonna stay a numb in the 90’s? be the best of the bad faux Presleys? when ya finally gonna make some money? make money, money and crack this riddle...? through a gash the background chatter ya hear a nag nag nagging whisper "everybody you know’s so clever & smarter than you..." everybody on the right’s gotta red glass everybody on the left’s gotta red glass everything’s closin’ in too fast leave me alone! leave me alone! sitting on a stool with your brown drink floatin’ on your wit so ya don’t sink try’nta drown any thoughts that dare think your life stinks, life stinks...
NEW ENEMY open your mouth and let your winter out move your lips, move your tongue about assemble noises to match your feelings, please ‘cuz…mind-reading just ain't in my genes... pack up that evil Italian digit save it for when your folks come to visit talk American, dammit, it's the language of liars if hate were people, you'd be China I can smell your anger I can taste your die, you bastard...die I can hear your head go tick...tick..tick any moment now any moment now butterfly I’ve got all the friends I need… I could use a new enemy, tho… how interesting, this transformation you're more complex than I imagined cruel below, courtly above almost there, one last shove... I can smell your anger I can taste your die, you bastard...die I can see your head go tick...tick..tick any moment now any moment now butterfly
THE IDIOT TRAIL V1 the sign says...YOU ARE HERE! gee, that's a relief... a red dot...on a line of some lunatic's reasoning V2 what logic!...what sense! so stupid, it's staggering an idiot...trail that doesn't know where it's going V3 can't miss it?...oh, yes i can i can miss anything gimme a hint...and i'll drop it... Bridge 1 like a bush league catcher with a hole in his mitt all the balls are taking crazy bounces proudly point out the joints on your strip but all i see are slaughterhouses if fun can kill ya and work can kill ya and love can kill ya and the air can kill ya that doesn't leave a whole lotta options... Chorus 1 saddle up, buckaroos! it's all uphill from here mount yer big dumb animals take plenty of dope and beer the scenery's such a wreck it'll crash yer cameras...ya-hoo we're taking the idiot trail x 4 Bridge 2 (1/2 reprise) if fun can kill ya and work can kill ya and love can kill ya and the air can kill ya i guess there are a whole lotta options, afterall V4 so be happy...but beware there's teeth behind the grin so instant the hungry never win V5 cold-cocked...cold cuts a deli of disarray is this art?...or an ashtray? Bridge 3 the difference is moot, snuff out yer cheroot and see if anybody complains slice through the sky in a flying knife or would you rather jump the bullet train? if food costs money and clothes cost money and gas costs money and money costs money i guess ya need a whole lotta money... Chorus 2 buckle up, buckaroos! we're headed for angry weather and every part in this thing came from the lowest bidder last chance to use the can and call your mothers... we're taking the idiot trail x 2 yippy-ki-oh-ki-ah, huzzah, three cheers... we're taking the idiot trail x 4



Harvey Gold: guitar, keyboards, Tin Huey
Chris Butler: guitar, TIn Huey, The Waitresses
Deborah Smith-Cahan: bass, Chi-Pig
Bob Ethington: drums, percussion, Unit 5

...and collectively, about 150 years of Akron/NEO, rock 'n' roll history!

WATCH THIS SPACE for news of an upcoming CD pressing, AND our upcoming studio release!

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released November 13, 2014

Remastered by: David "Tate" Stephenson

Recorded by: David Towne, Matt Masek, and Billy Lynch
Mixed by: David Towne
Mastered by: David Towne with Tommy Wiggins
Executive producer: Tommy Wiggins
Production coordinator: Trent Thomas and David Kennedy
RAT student assistant: Danielle Reynolds and Seana Lymer

Thanks to Tommy Wiggins, and all the R.A.T. students and faculty for making this happen.


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